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Jon Boam & Nike MAG

As you may have noticed, our Shop section has an excellent new addition. This limited edition giclée print by artist/illustrator Jon Boam was inspired by our ongoing series 'A Few of My Favourite Sneakers', and celebrates the recent Nike MAG sneaker release...

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Ryu Itadani & Onitsuka Tiger

Throughout 2011, and as part of their Made of Japan campaign, Onitsuka Tiger have been expressing their heritage and history by working with talented individuals (or Ryoshi) from around the world. The project shown here is a collabortaion with artist Ryu Itadani, who chose to make OT's Mexico 66 silhouette the subject of his painting...

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A Few of My Favourite Sneakers:    Toby Neilan

Although we've been fans of Toby Neilan's work for years, we've never actually had the good fortune to work with him on a project - until now that is. For the fourth in our series of 'A Few of My Favourite Sneakers', Neilan has drawn his 10 favourite sneakers using a fresh illustrative style that he's recently been developing...

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Benedict Radcliffe & Nike

While researching our upcoming feature on Ben Drury, we came across this great sneaker-art project (which was shown as part of the Ben Drury & Dizzee Rascal Tongue 'N' Cheek Air Max 90 launch at Nike's 1948 space) by sculptural artist Benedict Radcliffe.