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A Few of My Favourite Sneakers: Simon Peplow

You wait ages for the next in our ‘A Few of My Favourite Sneakers’ series, and then two come along at once. Following on from Matt Sewell’s recent contribution, this graphic sneaker collection (in four different colourways) was created by graphic artist Simon Peplow

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Stephen Cheetham &                      Sneakers Magazine

After seeing Stephen Cheetham’s recent Decade print series (as seen in the A&S shop), Germany's Sneakers Magazine asked the artist if he’d mind answering some questions about his work and his views on sneakers. In addition to talking to the magazine, Cheetham also took the opportunity to draw six new sneakers to illustrate the piece...

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Nike Flyknit & HTM

While we're on the subject of knitted sneakers (see below), we thought we'd quickly mention that this weekend sees the launch of the latest chapter in the HTM Flyknit collaboration project, with the release of the Nike HTM Flyknit Chukka...

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adidas & Damien Weighill (Interview)

This short film for the adizero Primeknit takes a lighthearted look at the machinery used to create the shoe, featuring an illustrative tapestry created by London-based artist Damien Weighill

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A Few of My Favourite Sneakers:    Matt Sewell

It's been a long time coming, but at last we can show you the next in our ongoing series of 'A Few of My Favourite Sneakers'. In an interesting twist on the project concept, artist Matt Sewell (well known for his illustrations of feathered wildlife) has chosen to draw a selection of his favourite sneakers alongside birds that the sneakers remind him of. As he explains, 'Some people see faces whilst other people see cocks or tits in everything. Me, I see birds, always have. In particular I see them in cars, buildings, people and trainers...'

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Nike Lunar Force 1

As we mentioned in our previous post, Nike recently released the new generation Lunar Force 1 silhouette to help drive forward the legacy of the original Air Force 1 shoe - which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2012. Art & Sole were fortunate enough to attend the European LF1 launch party (held at Nike's 1948 space in London), which featured a very interesting series of all-white installations displaying the inspiration and cultural heritage behind the shoe...