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adidas & Run-D.M.C. & Keith Haring

We thought we’d end the year with this festive-themed limited edition Superstar from adidas Originals - a shoe created to celebrate the 1987 single Christmas in Hollis by Run-D.M.C.

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Converse & Google+ Chuck Hack

James Dawe (an artists we’ve worked with before) recently got in touch to let us know he was taking part in the Google+ and Converse Chuck Hack sessions at the Hoxton Galley in London. Although we didn’t get chance to make it down ourselves, here’s a quick (animated GIF) look at what went on throughout the five-day event…

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Nike & London Underground

We have to admit, we were pretty gutted when we fist saw this collaboration, as Intercity have been photographing tube/train/bus seat patterns for some time now - with the intent to use them for the right project. We even talked to a sneaker manufacturer (not Nike) about using them on a shoe (albeit on the insole) a few years ago. That said, after initial disappointment, it soon became clear that this collaboration is certainly one to be admired… 

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A Few of My Favourite Sneakers:    Mimi Leung

Way back in July we launched the weird and wonderful Sneaks & Freaks print by illustrator Mimi Leung. At the same time we also asked Mimi if she'd be up for contibuting to our ongoing 'A Few of My Favourite Sneakers' (AFOMFS) project and, as you can see here, she said yes...

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From The Book: Gravis Art Collective

As the title suggests, our 'From The Book' series is taken directly from the Art & Sole book. Next up is this 2005 collaboration between Gravis and three very well-know urban artists...