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Ryu Itadani & Onitsuka Tiger

Throughout 2011, and as part of their Made of Japan campaign, Onitsuka Tiger have been expressing their heritage and history by working with talented individuals (or Ryoshi) from around the world. The project shown here is a collabortaion with artist Ryu Itadani, who chose to make OT's Mexico 66 silhouette the subject of his painting...

Born in Osaka, Japan, Itadani currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. His art is made from hand-drawn lines and bold colours, and the majority of his work is based around the themes of 'city', 'nature' and 'things'.

Apparently viewing 'things' as more than just inanimate objects, Itadani believes he has a better relationship with the objects around him than most people - even seeing chracteristics of himself within them. As Itadani explains in the video below, his paintings of the things he likes are almost self-portraits, each one representing a different element of his character. 

For the image of the Onitsuka Mexico 66, Itadani first created a series of sketches depicting both the shoes and the box, and then went on to hand-paint the sneakers onto canvas. Check out OT's video interview with Itadani (below) to see more of the both artist and the project.

Photography and video by Ken-Tonio Yamamoto

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