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Vinti Andrews & Nike

London-based fashion designer Vinti Andrews is well known for pit bull dogs made from Nike sneakers, but these latest incarnations (made from classic Nike silhouettes including Air Force 180s, Air Max 90s and Dunk Lows) can actually be yours - that is, if you have a spare ¥350,000 Japanese Yen (or $4,560 US Dollars)...

Andrews made the first incarnations of the now famous pit bull dogs when invited to participate in the 2006 Festival of Air, an event held at London's Niketown celebrating three decades of Nike Air Max. The brief was to represent the history of the Air Max sneaker within British youth street culture. The idea of choosing to make the pit bull dogs came from the British phenomenon of 'one man and his dog'. 'We added a twist to this idea by choosing the pit bull species to give our project bite and to represent the aggressiveness and strength of Nike. Also, the only dogs where I live seem to be hybrid pit bull breeds – it wouldn't sit right if we made Nike poodles!'

The latest Vinti Andrews pit bull dogs (shown here) can be purchased now from Beams

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