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New Balance Visit Flimby

As designers, here at Art & Sole we're interested in material just as much as we're interested in colour - which is precisely the reason this video caught our interest. Entitled The Vault, and narrated by 'Materials, Sourcing and Development Manager' Chris Hodgson, the video from the excellent new Visit Flimby website gives a behind-the-scenes look at the craftsmanship of the New Balance Flimby factory in Cumbria, England.

The video serves as an overview of the archive of New Balance's SMU (Special Make Up) collaborations with 'tier one' and 'opinion forming' partner retailers (such as the Crooked Tongues Confederation of Villainy series we featured in the Art & Sole book). Hodgson also stresses the importance of sourcing certain materials within Europe, and explains Flimby's unique ability to make specific shoe models in very limited quantities - ensuring premium craftsmanship and quality at all times.

The Visit Flimby website is supported by Western Lake District and pays tribute to both the village of Flimby itself, and the production facilities of the NB factory - delving into the unique stories of the individuals who work there. The site also functions as a travel guide, documenting places of interest for potential visitors, with beautiful photography courtesy of Percy Dean.


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