The Art & Sole Cortez iD Project:              Rose Stallard

To celebrate the release of the new mini edition Art & Sole book, we've collaborated with NIKEiD on an artists project which includes four special edition Art & Sole covers, and four Nike Cortez sneakers. In addition to our feature special on the Art & Sole Cortez iD Project, we thought we'd catch up with all the artists involved and ask them about the artwork they created for the project. First up is illustrator and Print Club London founder, Rose Stallard...

Can you tell us a little about your background and your work?
My background goes something like this: went to art school, started getting work as an illustrator, co-founded Print Club. My work is mostly made knowing it will end up as a screenprint. The main content seems to be heavily influenced by 70s rock...!

What is the title of the piece you've created for this project?
It's untitled.

How did you choose to interpret the brief - can you explain the concept behind your piece?
I wanted to pick out some key points to do with the Cortez and the last 40 years of running, so that I could create my own sheet of Cortez clip-art (see image below) that I could pick and choose from. The vibe I was going for was kids customising their school bags, and paying homage too their heroes.

How was it working only with the colour assigned to you?
A lot of the work I create I make working in layers and usually around three colours - mainly because I know that at some point it could very well end up as a screenprint. This stems from my early days of printing where I would limit myself to two colours, so it felt like quite a natural process just to be working with the blue, white and black.

Finally, what were the production processes involved the creating the piece?
Once I'd come up with a concept, I started gathering images and creating the sheet of my own Cortez clip-art. My blue nylon trainers arrived so I needed to get my hands on a pen that wouldn’t bleed, and some ink or paint that was opaque enough to cover the blue. After a session of pen and ink testing, I opted for a Setaskrib Fabric Marker Pen and a few pots of opaque screenprinting ink. For the final stage of drawing on the Cortez I used carbon copy paper to give myself a rough guide, I then drew the outline and filled in with white or blue. I had to repeat this a few times to get a nice opaque finish. It was a really enjoyable process and definitely took me back to my school days of customising random bits of school kit (normally in the middle of a science lesson!).

With thanks to Rose Stallard, represented by Breed
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