The Art & Sole Cortez iD Project:            Jiro Bevis

To celebrate the release of the new mini edition Art & Sole book, we've collaborated with NIKEiD on an artists project which includes four special edition Art & Sole covers, and four Nike Cortez sneakers. In addition to our feature special on the Art & Sole Cortez iD Project, we thought we'd catch up with all the artists involved and ask them about the artwork they created for the project. In our final interview, we talk to London-based illustrator Jiro Bevis...

Can you tell us a little about your background and your work?
I studied at Central Saint Martins and since graduating have been freelancing as an illustrator. My work is influenced heavily by 60s, 70s and 80s popular culture, especially growing up as a kid looking through my Dad's comics and older brother's record collection.

What is the title of the piece you've created for this project?
Beer, Waffles & Nuts.

How did you choose to interpret the brief - can you explain the concept behind your piece?
The brief was very open and I could interpret it any way I liked. I was given a brief history of the Nike Cortez, and the element I found most interesting was that, according to Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman, eating waffles, nuts and drinking beer were vital ingredients to running.

How was it working only with the colour assigned to you?
I always try to limit my work to as few colours as possible. I feel that the more colours you allow yourself to use the less striking the work usually turns out, so using just black, white and red was nice.

Finally, what were the production processes involved the creating the piece?
The process I go through with most of my work is the same, everything is drawn by hand on A4 pieces of paper. Usually I draw each main element separately and then scan them in, clean them up, lay them out on the screen and then add colour.

With thanks to Jiro Bevis. 
Visit our feature special to see more on the Art & Sole Cortez iD Project, or visit our shop to purchase a limited edition Beer, Waffles & Nuts screenprint (also available instore at the NIKEiD Studio Boxpark, London). 
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