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Cyril Le Van

We’ve just discovered the amazing (sneaker) art of Cyril Le Van thanks to his recent exhibition, entitled Very Fake Store, at the Sergeant Paper Art Store in Paris…

Le Van is a French artist who composes plastic artworks using photography to reproduce life-size and three-dimensional objects. His work focuses mainly on symbols of cultural identity, blurring the lines between art and popular culture by using brands and products to comment on the social impacts of globalisation and consumerism.

To create the artworks, Le Van photographs the subject matter from all angles, then attaches the prints to a rigid support and roughly stitches or staples the images together to create the final piece. The resulting objects are a kind of fake version of the originals, but it's this fakeness that make the artworks so interesting.

It was this 'fake' theme (as the name suggests) that was celebrated in the Very Fake Store exhibition, with objects created by Le Van including ghetto blasters, Polaroid cameras, handbags, T-shirts and, of course, sneakers…

Exhibition photography (shown bottom) by Ugly Mely

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