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Converse & Colette & Kevin Lyons

This month saw the return of artist/designer Kevin Lyons to Parisian boutique Colette for another of his design-orientated installations. As part of the project, Lyons also worked with Converse on this very limited Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker...

New York-based Lyons is a multi-disciplined artist, with work ranging from the campaigns he creates at advertising agency Anomaly, to his instantly recognisable hand drawn illustration. He also finds the time to operate a premier street-style clothing label called Natural Born.  

For this project with Colette, Lyons fused his characteristic illustrative style with the Converse First String initiative to create a limited edition sneaker available exclusively through the Paris boutique. Incase you're wondering, Converse First String is a limited edition collection that celebrates craftsmanship, authenticity and collaboration at the highest level.

For those unfamiliar with the Colette store, the simple blue and white palette used on the shoe reflects the colours used in both Colette's physical location and in their branding. The main points of focus across the shoe uppers are Lyons' signature monster characters, which are printed in such a way as to look as if they've been drawn straight onto the shoe. Found in between the chaos of all the monsters, several text references to each of the collaborative parties can be found and, as with the monsters, the letterforms are all hand drawn. 

Alongside the shoe release at the store, there were several other monster-themed pieces available for purchase including phone cases, skateboards and (even) cookies - all following along Colette's signature blue and white theme. As part of the project installation, Lyons also hand painted monster characters onto a display of Converse shoeboxes, as shown below.

Only 125 pairs of the Converse & Kevin Lyons Chuck Taylor All Star shoes were made available for purchase exclusively through the Colette store in Paris

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