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Nike & The Art + Science of               Natural Motion

Helping to celebrate the recent Free and Flyknit footwear innovations, Nike has teamed up with digital artists Universal Everything, Daniel Widrig and Quayola+Sinigaglia to create The Art + Science of Natural Motion, an exhibition based around the principles of ‘fit’ and ‘flex’…

Originally hosted during Milan Design Week by Nike Stadium Milano, the exhibition sees the three artists interpret themes including the body in motion, technology, design, art and sport. Universal Everything’s The Art and Science of Fit explores movement with a 3D interactive experience that allows the viewer to manipulate strands of colour with the sweep of an arm. Flowing multicoloured woven patterns move freely on the large screens of a digitized cube structure, intelligently fitting to the silhouette of the visitor (as shown in the video below).

The Art and Science of Flex, by Daniel Widrig, aims to capture the essence of motion by transforming a digital artwork into the reality of a material sculpture. The artist uses animation software to create multiple snapshots of an abstract geometric figure moving in a 3D space. This snapshot is then materialised into a four meter long intricate sculpture that interprets movement and flexibility in very unexpected ways.

To complement Widrig’s work, long-time collaborators Davide Quayola and Natan Sinigaglia have created Flexure, an abstract, time-based digital sculpture that is an ever-evolving transformation of a rectangular monolith. Focusing on the physical properties of elasticity and flexibility, Flexure is a dynamic audio-visual display of movement using digital canvas.

The Art + Science of Super Natural Motion is an evolving exhibition that will travel to Tokyo, New York and London until October 2013

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