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Walking Bike by Max Knight

As well as liking sneakers here at Art & Sole, we also like bikes. Of course, we especially like sneakers combined with bikes (to make art)...

Originally commissioned back in 2008 by Yorgo Tloupas of Intersection magazine, this bike was created by London-based designer Max Knight. As you can see, eight pairs of sneakers (from various manufacturers) were mounted on thick spokes and substituted for the bike's wheels. The idea was for the bike to 'walk' rather than roll, and to prove it worked Knight also made a (very) short video of the bike in action. Although possibly not the smoothest ride, the great thing is you could change the sneakers whenever you like (depending on weather conditions maybe) and, of course, you could say goodbye to the age-old problem of getting a puncture...

Photography by Thomas Brown

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19.06.13 / 5.06am

These are silly. And kind of awesome! Where can I get mine?

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