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Grotesk & Case Studyo

Following on from another recent sneaker-related lighting project, we thought we'd share this sculptural lamp created as a collaboration between New York-based artist Grotesk (aka Kimou Meyer) and Belgian-based art producer Case Studyo...

Entitled 6ft 6in, the lamp sports 'string bean' legs and blocky (Air Jordan 1) sneaker feet. The piece is 
made from hand-painted wood
 and was produced in an edition of just 23 (all of which have now been sold). The lamp also comes with a wooden shoebox-style box
 and a certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by Meyer.

Meyer is a Swiss-born, Belgian-trained graphic designer who arrived in New York at precisely the moment when the downtown art scene spilled over into stores, products and brands. In the decade that followed, Kimou worked with almost all the key players in New York’s 'brand underground', drawing on his classical training and outsider perspective to develop an iconic graphic style. Living and working Brooklyn, Kimou now divides his time between running his co-owned creative agency, Doubleday & Cartwright, and making art under the name Grotesk.

Case Studyo is a publisher and producer of artworks by contemporary artists, including the likes of Parra, Kevin Lyons and Craig Redman.

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