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With a mission to find a different artist to design every shoe they release, relative new brand BucketFeet are on a mission to introduce an ever-growing roster of up-and-coming artists to the masses, using the medium of canvas sneakers…

The creative partnership of BucketFeet began back in 2008, when company co-founders Aaron Firestein and Raaja Nemani met whilst working voluntarily in the slums of Argentina. Both from very different backgrounds, the two travelers bonded over a love of shoes and creativity. Firestein hand-painted a pair of shoes for Nemani, who in turn wore them on his year-long, 26 country backpacking trip. Then, two years later, Firestein contacted Nemani on a whim, asking if he would like to quit his job and start a new company based on the passions they shared whilst working with each other previously.

The aim for the brand is to promote unrecognised artists from around the globe, showcasing their work to mass audiences that they might not otherwise reach. Since the company’s inception in 2011, BucketFeet now represents the work of over 30 artists, with work ranging from graphic illustration to fine art and graffiti.

In order of appearance, the various lace-up and slip-on shoes shown here include Cloudwalker by Ben Giustino (US), Fat Sugar by Fat Sugar Daddy (Columbia), Common Transports by Inkheart (UK), Paisley by Dougan Khim (US), Tokeria by Karo Akpokiere (Nigeria), Pineappleade by Dj Lu (Colombia), Orange Sherbet by Joanna Washington (US), Waterloo by Sophie Roach (US) and Jayson Atienza by Jayson Atienza (US).

BucketFeet shoes are available through various international outlets. July saw the brand release its first shoes in the UK, available exclusively through select Office stores 

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I would love the opportunity as an up and coming artist to show you some of my ideas. if you are interested please get in touch

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