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From the Book: Katsuya Terada

From time to time here on the Art & Sole website, we’re going to start posting some selected content from the Art & Sole book (first published in 2008). What better place to start for the first in these ‘From the Book’ pieces, than the very first entry in the book itself – a 2005 collaboration between Nike and Japanese artist Katsuya Terada…

Prolific Japanese artist Katsuya Terada is probably best known as the character designer for the animated Manga classic Blood: The Last Vampire. Terada defines himself as a rakugaki artist, a Japanese term for a drawing style and philosophy in which the artist draws continuously without too much thought. He has also worked for US comics such as Iron Man and Hellboy.

In 2005, Terada applied his art to the Nike Air Zoom Terra Tattoo. The graphics were inspired by the elements air, wind, fire and water, with the right shoe differing from the left as the story of the illustration unfolds across both sneakers. Limited to 300 pairs worldwide, the package also contained a wooden shoebox laser-engraved with Terada’s artwork.

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