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Rosie Lee & Nike HQ

We first heard about this project a few months ago, so we’ve been waiting expectantly to see what exactly design agency Rosie Lee had in stall for its redesign of the Nike UK headquarters. The results certainly don't disappoint...

The brief from Nike was to create a workspace that reflected the vibrant, positive and inspirational culture that has made the brand such a success. With that in mind, the new look (which spans all three floors of the office space in central London) makes use of distinctively themed zones that bring to life Nike’s rich brand and product heritage. 

These zones sport their own representative colours/imagery and include; the Air Jordan Zone, which references the famous ad campaigns starring Spike Lee as basketball-obsessed character Mars Blackmon from the film Do The Right Thing (the Air Jordan 3 elephant print also adorns the ceilings beams); the Air Max 180 Zone, featuring a gallery with artworks from the original Air Max 180 launch campaign of 1991 (including artists such as Ralph Steadman); the Nike Tech zone, with a high gloss on matt black vinyl wall drawing of the new Nike FuelBand creating a subtle but impactful mural; and a Social Area, which is a new space (divided from rest of the office by the Waffle Wall which references the pivotal moment when Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman began experimenting with rubber soles by pouring liquid rubber compound into his wife’s waffle iron) created to give Nike staff an area to unwind in.

In addition, the main reception area features an illustrated wall mural by Chris Martin, referencing various Nike spaces in London, Nike products, popular UK sporting activities and famous London landmarks. A second illustrative piece at the entrance to the third floor by Rob Flowers displays a slightly different take on London, with bowling hats, pigeons and urban foxes, plus references to the other zones within the office space.

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