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Nike SB & Project B.A.

It was certainly a busy week for Nike (and us) last week. As well as attending the launch of Feel London (see previous post), A&S also had the pleasure of visiting a purpose-built indoor skateable space for the art-themed launch of Project B.A. by Brian Anderson...

Anderson is a professional skateboarder known for his avant garde personality and unmistakable flip tricks - as well as his ability to blend the worlds of fashion, art and skateboarding. For this project with Nike SB, Anderson was given the chance to design his very own skate shoe from scratch - a process which resulted in the creation of the tech-heavy Project B.A. shoe.

Created especially for the UK launch of the shoe, the pop-up skate space shown here features bold black-on-pink artwork (a colour scheme taken from the most recent black/pink colourway of the shoe) created by Anderson himself as part of the worldwide launch campaign. Skating on the day were the Nike SB European team - who were amazing to watch, although trying to concentrate on the press videos surrounded by skateboards flying through the air was a little unnerving. Located in East London (for 10 days only), the space will now host skaters from various UK skate stores for the rest of it's existence. 

In addition to images from the day, also shown below are two videos from the main Project B.A. campaign. The first features Anderson talking about the process and inspiration behind the shoe itself (which includes an interesting insight into the running-inspired toe), while the second focuses more on the artistic side of the project. A third video shows a behind-the-scenes look at the London skate venue and launch day.

The Nike SB Project B.A. shoe is available at select retailers now. The shoe also comes in a premium version, showing off Anderson's artistic side with a personal interpretation of the Swoosh and a cutout ankle for a less restrictive fit (shown bottom)

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