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Jason Ruff: Mixing The Unattainable Objects of My Youth

Cigarettes and sneakers certainly sounds like an unlikely starting point for an art project, but these two 'unattainable objects' of Jason Ruff's youth inspired him to create a series of replicas of his favourite sneakers - all made using cigarette packaging...

In order of appearance, the series (which first started in 2012) includes the interestingly named Air Yahoos!, Yeezys, Air Spirits, Jordans, Classics and Golds. While some of the sneakers are made purely from cigarette packaging, others also feature cardboard elements from the likes of board game packaging, food packaging and promotional brochures.

New York-based creative Ruff kindly took the time to talk to Art & Sole, explaining both the concept behind the Mixing The Unattainable Objects of My Youth project and how it started: "I grew up with Air Jordan and Joe Camel. I'm the product of a consumer culture and the idea of 'being cool' was a daily aspiration. I have always been fascinated by sneaker design and product packaging, and sneaker status was a big part of my elementary school years - one was either respected, busted on or jacked for the things on their feet. At the same time, trips to the local gas station mini-mart brought a curiosity for the packages behind the counter. The only thing I knew about those packages were that they were colourful, a little dangerous and not for kids. The mixing of the two started when I found a bag of cigarette cartons put out for recycling on a walk home last year - I saw the swoosh, and the project was born."

For more information on Ruff's paper craft sculptures, visit his website here

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