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Modla & Damilola Odusote & Nike

London-based 3D printing design consultancy Modla has collaborated with up-and-coming artist Damilola Odusote (also working out of London) to create this unique sculpture themed around references to Nike and their Air Force 1 sneaker…

The piece was created by Jon Fidler of Modla, who has previously worked on Nike campaigns alongside design agency Rosie Lee (see the Lunar Force 1 launch here). The project was initiated after he saw Odusote’s work at an art fair in 2013. Odusote, who has also produced various sneaker-related work previously, was chosen as a collaborator for the project due to his very intricate style of drawing.

Although not officially commissioned by Nike, the concept of the piece is based around an Air Force 1 sneaker exploding with some of the imagery that has become synonymous with both the shoe and the Nike brand. ‘The ethos and various iconic elements of what has influenced the Air Force 1,’ explains Odusote, ‘are all incorporated and inextricably connected in this artwork. The thought process is a journey from A to B, and elements such a the tunnel in/out of the city signify this. I look at my 2D illustrations as a story, a moving narrative, and this project has brought this vision a step closer to reality.'

Using Odusote’s artwork as the starting point, the design was translated using 3D software before being 3D printed (over the course of 15 hours) using a matt white nylon plastic material. 

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For more information on Modla, visit their website here

Photography by Sean Jackson

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