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Steph Morris

After the recent deluge of vector-based sneaker illustrations, Manchester-based illustrator Steph Morris takes a contrasting approach with these intricate hand-drawn sneaker artworks...

Morris started out by creating photo-realistic portraits of people, but soon turned her attention to illustrating footwear with incredible accuracy. Capturing every stitch and texture in great detail, each piece can take up to 20 hours to complete and requires intense concentration to ensure the form is as perfect as the original. As you would imagine, each shoe ranges in difficulty - from the smooth lines of an Air Max 1, to the plush textured suede on a New Balance 998.  

Most recently, Morris collaborated with UK sneaker store size? by illustrating their latest exclusive project with Reebokentitled the Pastels Pack. As shown below, Morris illustrated both the Classic Leather and Workout Plus in her signature style.

For more of Steph's work, visit her Instagram here

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