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Vans & Sean Cliver

Best known for his controversial artworks adorning skateboards throughout the mid-1990s, artist Sean Cliver has teamed up with Vans Syndicate on this two-shoe pack...

Having launched himself into the world of skateboard graphics over 20 years ago (by creating the artwork for Vans skater Ray Barbee's first signature model with Powell-Peralta), Sean Cliver is now considered a living legend within the world of skateboard art. His inimitable style came to prominence throughout the 90s after working on various board graphics for the likes of Blind, World Industries, 101, Element and Supreme. The appropriateness of Cliver's subject matter often raised controversy - something that of course suited the rebellious nature of skateboarding down to the ground.

In this collaboration with Vans Syndicate, Cliver was given the opportunity to apply his aesthetic to both an Authentic Pro S and Mid Skool Pro S. The uppers are adorned with a classic Vans checkerboard pattern, although in this instance each square is made up from the side view of a seven-ply skateboard deck. The artistic theme also follows through to the inside of the shoes, where a 90s-inspired illustration of various gnomes 'enjoying' themselves is applied across both sets of insoles. A sticker sheet and miniature skateboard (displaying the complete footbed artwork) is also included within the pack.

The Vans Syndicate & Sean Cliver pack is available now from select stockists worldwide, including Flatspot in the UK

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