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BucketFeet & Felipe Pantone

The latest creative to join the long list of contributors to Bucketfeet's artist series is the innovative Spanish street artist Felipe Pantone...

Originally born in Argentina, Pantone discovered graffiti at the age of 12 whilst residing in Spain. His style has evolved dramatically over the years, and now blurs the lines between design and graffiti using very precise visual illusions on a large scale - all painted by hand. Pantone was one of the founding members of Spanish experimental graffiti crew D.O.C.S, and is also an honorary member of legendary European grafitti crew, Ultra Boys - a mixed team of artists who together paint some of the most vivid walls you're likely to see throughout Spain and Italy. Through his progression amongst the varying disciplines within graffiti, Pantone has evolved his style and extended his portfolio to include gallery work, creating mind-blowing three-dimensional sculptures which replicate the energy produced in his wall pieces.

Last year we featured emerging footwear brand Bucketfeet on the website, due to their focused collaboration work with various artists aroud the globe. Since then they've welcomed Pantone into their ranks to apply his unique graphic style to a shoe - the result of which being the eye-popping Kinetics Canvas Lace-Up design shown here. Reminiscent of the 'dazzle' camouflage used on battleships in World War I, Pantone has applied a series of graphic black and white patterns on each panel of the shoe, creating a mesmerizing pattern across the whole upper.

The BucketFeet & Felipe Pantone Kinetics Canvas Lace-Up is available now.
You can see more of Pantone's work below, and on his website here

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