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10-gruppen & Puma & SNS

Swedish textile design collective 10-gruppen have recently collaborated with (fellow Swedish) footwear store Sneakersnstuff and Puma on this very graphic three-shoe collection...

Back in the 1970s, Swedish textile design was very minimalistic, known only for subtle pattern design. Enter 10-gruppen, a 'group of 10' Swedish designers who formed their own company in order to have greater control over their fabrics - from design to production to sale. 10-gruppen have created everything from clothing to homeware and, after almost 45 years, the group and their bold design aesthetic are as relevant today as they've ever been. 

Sneakersnstuff have paid tribute to the 10-gruppen legacy by creating this set of three Puma shoes; the Puma Tom, Birgitta and Ingela - named after the group's three remaining founders, Tom Hedqvist, Birgitta Han and Ingela Håkansson-Lamm. The shoes were manufactured in Puma's Japan factory, with Sneakersnstuff hand-picking the desired 10-gruppen fabrics in Sweden. A short film documenting the collaboration process can also be seen below.

The 10-gruppen & Puma & SNS collection are available to buy online here

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