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From the Book: Federico Uribe

For the latest in our series of stories taken directly from the Art & Sole book, we look at the nature-inspired sneaker sculptures created by Federico Uribe in collaboration with Puma...

In 2007, the Chelsea Art Museum in New York was home to Federico Uribe's 'Human Nature' exhibition. The rainforest installation consisted of animal, insect, plant and landscape sculptures produced soley from Puma shoes. 'When I started working with shoes I could not avoid thinking where they came from and all the materials from nature that we use to comfort our life. So as a tribute to what nature gives us all, I got the idea of reconstructing nature from its own materials.'

This creative collaboration between Uribe and Puma formed as a result of Uribe's interest in working with everyday objects. From his early work in painting, Columbian-born Uribe evolved into a sculptor using found objects like babies' bottle teats, coins and screws, along with industrial cleaning products and things gathered in street markets.

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