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Inspired Ingenuity:                            Cemal Okten & Nike78

Intercity are currently working on an art-based project with Havana Club, and as part of the project we’ve been asked to nominate a piece of artwork that we think shows ’Inspired Ingenuity’.

The project revolves around a competition that Havana Club are running based on the theme of ‘Inspired Ingenuity’; a reference to the spirit of the people of Havana, who pride themselves on their ability to create what they need from what they have. The competition will take place over six months, challenging artists, musicians and other creative talents to takes the everyday and turn it into something special. A winner will be picked each month, and the final winner will win a trip to Cuba. Click here for more information on the project.

As soon as we were asked to nominate, we immediately thought of the NIKE78 project created by Paul Jenkins (which we’ve also written about here). Select creatives were sent a brand new pair of Nike sneakers and were asked to use sport as inspiration to challenge the function of the shoes.

The piece of work that appealed to us the most was Nike Fix by Cemal Okten, a project which aimed to repair well-worn sneakers using liquid rubber. As Okten explains: ‘At the end of their life, a pair of shoes have become extensions of the individual; inevitable wear and tear create a perfectly suited shoe for how the individual runs, walks, kicks a ball, skateboards, or rides a bike. Nike Fix is a project which aims to repair and refresh these well-loved shoes using colourful liquid rubber; giving them a new lease of life and a fresh new look.’

As well as fitting with the theme of Havana Club’s competition, we also think this project is a really interesting take on the culture of sneaker customisation (which could also be described as ‘Inspired Ingenuity’). See below for more images of the project, including a video that shows the process involved.

In addition to our nomination for ‘Inspired Ingenuity’, Intercity will also be commissioning four artists (one of which will be a sneaker customiser) to each create a piece of bespoke artwork for the project. More information on that will follow soon.

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