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Stéphane Malka & Reebok

Our copy of All Gone 2010 arrived a few days ago, and while looking through it we discovered this amazing project by Stéphane Malka Architecture. Entitled Temple of Fury, the image was commissioned by All Gone authors La MJC in order to illustrate the release of the Reebok Pump Fury Superlite - a forward-thinking homage to the classic Insta Pump Fury.

‘We gave Malka carte blanche to make a crazy image with the new Fury Superlite,’ explain La MJC, ‘from one pair, he created almost one million.’

According to Malka, ‘the Temple of Fury is a proposal for the proliferation of an object, pushed to its paroxysm until it reaches the necessary disappearance of that which is its foundation. The installation is a critique of mass publicity campaigns that are created to invade our minds.'

The resulting images are certainly a beautiful and poignant comment on the 'cult of the object'

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