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Inspired Ingenuity:                                Nash & Cemal Okten & I Have Pop™

As we promised earlier, Intercity can now reveal the three artists and artworks we commissioned to help promote the Havana Club Inspired Ingenuity project. The brief was to create a piece of work that takes the everyday and turns it into something special and the results, by Nash, Cemal Okten and I Have Pop™, can be seen here.

Sneaker customiser Alex Nash responded to the brief by transforming a pair of all-white Nike Air Force 1’s into a fully functional set of 'Sneaker Speakers'. We won't show you too many images here though, as there's a full interview with Nash in our Features section.

Again symbolising Cuba's love of music, product designer Cemal Okten (who also created the amazing Nike Fix project) has used everyday objects to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Entitled 'Ingredients', Okten has created beautiful yet functional headphones from a tin can, a coat hanger, a piece of rope and two corks.

As part of their Street Furniture series, Amsterdam-based I Have Pop™ (makers of such great sneaker-art projects as Concrete Dunks, Streetwise and Think Outside the Box) created this street-art installation by appropriating the fences from a local roadworks site and constructing a 'Picnic Table' in the park. A video of the project is also shown below.

Lastly, the Inspired Ingenuity logo itself was created by Intercity, using objects from around the studio including a ring-pull, polystyrene packaging, a fuse and a coat-hanger

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