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Tomato & Pass The Baton & adidas

Asked to contribute to Then, Now and Future - an exhibition with adidas Originals at Tokyo recycle store Pass The Baton - Simon Taylor from UK-based creative collective Tomato chose to put a sporting angle on the classic Japanese Koma-geta shoe.

With two locations in Tokyo (in addition to their website), Pass The Baton is a shopping concept that focuses on the recycling of products; providing a unique place for buyers and sellers to connect. Sellers receive 50% of the proceeds from the sale of their items, and they can then choose to donate all or part of their proceeds to a charity platform established by the store.

Pass the Baton also runs a gallery space, and at the start of 2011 an exhibition entitled Then, Now and Future collected together sneakers and stories from adidas fans across a number of fields. Just over 70 creative’s were selected to exhibit, and the submitted sneakers were subsequently auctioned for charity.

Tomato’s submission was inspired by Koma-geta; the tall lacquered footwear worn by oiran (high-ranking courtesans) in Japan’s Edo period. Koma-geta platforms were up to 10” in height, and walking in them required great skill and balance. 'I like the impossibility of our adidas version,' says Taylor, 'it’s an extrusion of a spiked track shoe.’

Other contributors to the exhibition included design studio Hudson-Powell, artist Madsaki, and Pass The Baton founder Masamichi Toyama

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