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Playarea & Pointer

London-based creative agency Playarea have just completed the identity for Pointer’s Spring/Summer 2011 campaign. With the simple aim of drawing attention to the footwear on display, the campaign features models obscured by three-dimensional shapes, leaving only their hands and feet visible.

Started by Mat Fowler in 2003, Playarea has art directed for Pointer for the past six years - working on all advertising campaigns and catalogues, including the inspired Pointer Art Collective Books. As Fowler explains: ‘Gareth Skewis, who runs Pointer, has been a good friend of mine since our early days of skateboarding. Working with Gareth is liberating, as he has the vision to take risks and also to believe in the people he works with - something which I think is very rare in this day and age. It's important that the Pointer campaigns stand out, but also have a sense of playfulness... we've always tried to create artwork that can be timeless and not rely too much on current trends.’

As is obvious from this latest artwork, Pointer's campaigns have always focused as little attention on the models as possible; 'We don't like the idea of there being one particular kind of person that wears or buys Pointer,' says Fowler, 'and also it pushes us to create new and unique ways of portraying the footwear.'

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