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SY: Rebus Series

With the interest in sneakers currently surging worldwide, more and more people have been turning their hand to illustrating them - via digital media in particular. With so many having a go, it's been harder for artists to find a niche and create a style which really stands out from the crowd, but one such successor to this challenge is Manchester-based illustrator Sam Yau...

Yau's illustrations strip a shoe right back to the basic line structure which forms the foundations of shape and style. Simple curves and straight lines come together to make each silhouette instantly recognisable. Colours are also kept to a minimum, with the background colour sometimes integrated into the shoe itself. Yau has even been known to abstract a shoe into the object of its colourway inspiration - see the Saucony & End burger-related piece below.

In recent months, Yau has progressed his style further with the introduction of his Rebus Series (shown top). In basic terms, a rebus is an allusional device that uses an image to represent a word. In this series, icons have been used to represent each word from the name of the relevant sneaker style, with some being a lot more abstract than others. It's definitely a very refreshing look at a form of illustration that has been replicated by many.  

To see more of Sam Yau's work, visit his online shop here

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