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A Few of My Favourite Sneakers: Toy

After the success of our Top Ten Sneakers by Owen Philips story, we realised that the concept of the piece would make a great ongoing project for Art & Sole. We'd also recently been talking to illustration agency Toy (who we commissioned for this live drawing), so we decided to ask them if they'd do us the honour of drawing their favourite sneakers. Luckily for us, they said yes.

Founded in 2009 by Christopher Gray, Toy is a collective of European designers, artists and illustrators who among other things were recently featured as One's to Watch in Creative Review magazine. Working as both a creative agency and an artist management service, Toy's global client base includes Sony, Macy’s, Hilton Hotels, Nike and Busch Gardens.

When we initially approached them to draw some sneakers for us, Toy suggested that individual artists in the agency draw their own personal favourites - something that we thought was a great idea. So, in order of appearance, the artists and respective favourite sneakers shown are:

Reebok Pump prototype by Scott Balmer
LA Gear by Christopher Gray
Nike Icarus by Chris Martin
Converse All Star 2 by Jean Jullien
Nike MAG by Jon Boam
(the auto-lacing shoes from Back To The Future II) 
Mr. Hare King Tubby by Jan Hakon
(the obligatory pair of random shoes - see the first post in the series)
Nike Air Jordan 1 by Rob Flowers
Vans Authentic by David Sparshott

We hope you enjoy all the work shown, and thanks to Chis Gray and the talented artists at Toy for all their hard work and illustrative skill.

Keep watching Art & Sole for the next installation of A Few of My Favourite Sneakers...

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