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adidas: The Left Right Project

Recently, over on his Instagram feed, artist Sam Flores posted a retrospective look at the adidas Left Right Project he took part in back in 2008. As it's something we've always been meaning to cover here on the blog, we dug a little deeper to take a look at the project in more detail...

The idea behind the project was to see how two separate sets of artists could collaborate together on the same piece of artwork, while being situated hundreds of miles away from each other. Two large-scale adidas Superstar sneakers were produced (both a left and a right) and shipped off to the east and west coasts of America - one to New York-based art collective Surface to Air, and the other to San Francisco-based Upper Playground (including Sam Flores).

Creative agency 180LA and model-makers The Character Shop were charged with producing the 5ft by 15ft sneakers, which would be used as a canvas for each set of artists to get to work on. While both utilising the same colour palette across the shoes, each outfit interpreted them in a completely different way. Flores applied his signature solemn looking characters on each side of the Upper Playground shoe, surrounded by gold leaf clouds and red and pink hand-painted flowers. In comparison, Surface to Air went for an all-over gold and black look across the upper and midsole, applying various linear patterns across the heel and eye stays, while multicoloured leaf shapes floated across the mid-section and underneath the iconic three stripes.

The giant pair of sneakers were reunited at a final showdown at Venice Beach, where both sets of artists were given the chance to see what the other had created using their personal influences and techniques from the coast they were chosen to represent. You can take a look at the progression of the project in the images and video shown below.

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