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Alexandra Bruel

French illustrator Alexandra Bruel recently caught our eye with these sneakers made from modeling clay. With a background in design, Bruel began experimenting with clay a few years ago and has since built up an interesting portfolio of sculpture, animation, textile design photography and illustration.

The sneaker artworks shown here were originally created for French streetwear magazine Shoes-Up. 'The process is quite simple,' explains Bruel, ' first I build a hollow structure from the clay, and then I work on the shape with my hands and some small tools. After that I just add the finishing touches.'

Bruel is represented in the UK by Handsome Frank, an illustration agency with many talented illustrators including Emma Kelly, Jack Teagle and Stuart Whitton

Comments (1)

06.06.11 / 10.53pm

Brilliantly innovative idea. Two of my favourite things, mini toy animals and trainers! smile

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