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Art & Sole & Darcel Disappoints

Released today, Never Knot by graphic artist Craig Redman (one half of creative duo Craig & Karl) is the latest in our ongoing series of Art & Sole screenprints. The artwork features Redman's autobiographical character Darcel (of Darcel Disappoints fame), so we thought we'd take this opportunity to show you a little more about Darcel here on the A&S blog...

Darcel Disappoints was created when Craig first moved to New York, as a way of remembering his observations about the city. Six years and nearly 500 illustrated posts later, the blog has become a diary of everyday life in downtown New York, from exploring the art world to highlighting banal insights or complaining about apartment sizes.

'The artwork I create for the blog acts as a snapshot in time,' explains Craig, 'a small frame that eludes to a bigger story, visually reducing scenes and moments to their most basic elements. Although Darcel's posts are bright and bold, the content is firmly embedded in the monotony of real life.' With this in mind, Craig's artwork for Art & Sole celebrates a certain resignation - that even the simple act of tying shoelaces gets complicated when Darcel is involved.

Shown here is a selection of Craig's artwork from the Darcel Disappoints project, including the Never Knot screenprint for Art & Sole (shown immediately below).

Never Knot by Craig Redman is limited to an edition of 50, emboss stamped, and signed and numbered by the artist for authenticity. To purchase a print, please click here

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05.10.13 / 4.58am

Amazing artwork! I love Darcel Disappoints. My favorite one now is the one where everybody reaches for their phone at dinner at the same time. It’s a pet peeve of mine, so it kind of spoke to me!

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