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Art & Sole & Jethro Haynes

We've recently relocated to a new studio space, and while moving unearthed a forgotten box of A&S T-shirts featuring an organic sneaker-heart design by artist Jethro Haynes...

Reflecting the infatuation that some people have with sneakers (and as a play on the words of Art & Sole), the T-shirts were originally created for the launch of the first A&S book back in 2008. Playing on the sneaker-heart theme, the two colourways reference the circulatory system of the human body - with 'oxygenated' red-on-red and 'deoxygenated' purple-on-blue combinations.

Since we have a few of both colourways in all four sizes (small, medium, large and extra large), we've decided to make them available in our online Shop (although we realise it's not exactly T-shirt weather at the moment).

*Please note: The Art & Sole & Jethro Haynes T-shirts are no longer available

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