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Belle & Vidére T-lights

Design agency Rosie Lee recently let us know about the Belle & Vidére T-light project; a hand-crafted lampshade collection featuring some great sneaker-related graphics…

London-based Belle & Vidére produce high-end lampshades that combine traditional lampshade making with modern and unlikely items. As you may have guessed, the unlikely item used in the T-light collection is that staple of everyone's wardrobe, the T-shirt. Ingeniously, the T-light collection is actually a bespoke service where old-but-loved T-shirts can be both made use of, while at the same time proudly displayed. Shown below are some vintage sneaker-related classics that have been given the T-light treatment...

As Belle & Vidére explain; ‘Some love their T-shirts because of their association with a specific time of their lives, others simply love the graphic. Whatever the reason, the T-light provokes a little love and sense of humour for the past or for the present.’

To convert an old T-shirt into a lampshade, or to simply find out more about Belle & Vidére's bespoke T-light service, visit the website here

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