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Benedict Radcliffe & Nike

While researching our upcoming feature on Ben Drury, we came across this great sneaker-art project (which was shown as part of the Ben Drury & Dizzee Rascal Tongue 'N' Cheek Air Max 90 launch at Nike's 1948 space) by sculptural artist Benedict Radcliffe.

Probably best know for his wireframe Lamborghini Countache, Benedict Radcliffe is a London-based artists and sculptor. After graduating from the Mackintosh School of Art in Glasgow, Radcliffe pursued an interest in the commercial fabrication and construction of interiors and furniture, alongside his passion for art and sculpture. His work references his love of machines and engineering, as well as commercial branding and familiar logos or graphics.

Originally commissioned by Nike (alongside Charlie Dark, Insa and Goldilocks) for the IAM1 Journey project, Radcliffe created the wireframe Air Max 1 sculpture as part of a garden-themed space at Nike's 1948 concept store. At 3.5 meters long, the piece took two months to build and was created entirely from metal tubing

To see more of Radcliffe's work, click here

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