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Converse & Google+ Chuck Hack

James Dawe (an artists we’ve worked with before) recently got in touch to let us know he was taking part in the Google+ and Converse Chuck Hack sessions at the Hoxton Galley in London. Although we didn’t get chance to make it down ourselves, here’s a quick (animated GIF) look at what went on throughout the five-day event…

Chuck Hack was the first ever Google+ Converse Garage, and saw both the general public and various invited art and technology visionaries getting creative using the Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker. The event featured a series of eight different workshops (hosted by the invited artists) where participants could play with a wide range of materials, learn new skills and even integrate technology into the sneakers to make something completely original.

Shown here are GIF animations from each of the various workshops, which (in order of appearance), were hosted by; James Dawe – who created sculptures using the negative space inside the Chuck; Patternity ­– who explored patterns by hacking the bottom of the Chuck sole and then creating a collective art piece made by all of the participants at the end of the workshop; Jiggling Atoms – who created an inflatable Chuck working with the kinetic energy of the human body; Margot Bowman – who explored the concept of the participant’s ‘spirit animal’; The New Craft Society – who used  traditional craft techniques in a modern way to hack the Chuck; Technology Will Save Us – who turned the Chuck into a speaker and also hosted a live hack-along from the space; Sew Far So Good – who combined geometric patterns with quilting; and Ashley Williams – who made bespoke sneaker-patches with a printer and scanner. At the end of the workshops, participants were able to take away what they’d made - either for pride of place on the mantelpiece or to continue working on.

Also shown below are some images of James Dawes’ prototype test sculptues, a process he describes as a kind of ‘3D collaging’. As Dawe goes on to explain, ‘We hacked the Chucks by creating plaster moulds of the insides, then cutting and tearing off the fabric of the shoe, breaking apart the cast, re-sculpting and generally making our mark.’

The Converse Chuck Hack Sessions ran from 21-24 November at the Hoxton Gallery, London. To see more imagery from the event, check out the Converse Google+ page here.
To see more work from James Dawe, click here

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