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Dominic Goldman & Nike

London-based creative director Dominic Goldman has created a collection of Air Max 1-inspired artworks using solid concrete. Each pair (produced in either white, grey or black), is meticulously detailed and weighs in at a heavy-duty 3.5kg...

Goldman’s idea was to create a homage to the AM1 in time for this year’s Air Max Day. To produce the artworks, a computer model was first made and then 3D-printed, from which a mould was created and specialist fine concrete (with added colour) was used to make the final shoes. As you can see from the images shown here, each pair of the £900 concrete AM1’s also comes with a very nice bespoke and rough-finished wooden box. The back of each pair is also signed 'Tiny', Goldman's art moniker and tag.

For more information on the artworks, and to see more of Dominic Goldman's sneaker-related projects, visit his website here

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