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Emerica & Ed Templeton

Professional skateboarder, contemporary artist and founder of the world-famous skate brand Toy Machine, Ed Templeton continues his ongoing collaboration with Emerica with the release of The Tempster Memphis and The Heritic Ed Templeton silhouettes. In this piece, we also look back at a selection of Templeton's previous collaborations with the brand...

For The Tempster Memphis (Emerica's first slip-on skate shoe) Templeton has created an all-over eye-inspired artwork, with a custom insole completing the shoe (shown top). The Heritic Ed features a more subtle design, with a single eye gazing through the shoe's black mesh and the (repeated) footbed artwork using a differerent background colour.

In January of last year, the artist also produced the green Tempster shown below, featuring an all-over print on the shoe's upper (there was also a plain black version of the shoe), custom insoles and bespoke shoebox artwork (we always like a good shoebox here at A&S) showing Templeton's Transistor Sect character.

In 2008, Emerica and Templeton also teamed up with Hong Kong-based streetwear brand Fingercroxx to rework the signature Transist Mid as part of the Fingercroxx Artist Series. A continued all-over theme again incorporated elements from Templeton's character as well brand logos and a custom tongue label.

And finally, again from 2008, Templeton and Toy Machine worked with Emerica to produce a Transist hi-top shoe with artwork showing what happens when you listen to Transistor Sect, and what happens when you don't (shown bottom).

The Tempster Memphis and The Heritic Ed Templeton are available via Emerica's online store

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23.04.14 / 6.22am

I could not find the last shoe on the site where is it?

23.04.14 / 10.11am
Art & Sole

As far as we know, that shoe is from 2008 - so it’s not actually a recent release…

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