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éS & Mark Ward

As we’ve worked with Mark Ward before, we’re always interested to see his latest projects - and it seems he’s been very busy recently working on this capsule collection and exhibition for skateboarding brand éS.

The ‘Mark Ward: As Seen On TV’ collection includes a pair of grey suede La Brea sneakers, four T-shirts, a jacket and a cap. To celebrate the launch of the collection Ward is also presenting an exhibition at the Kemistry Gallery in London.

The inspiration for the As Seen On TV project comes from the things that influenced Ward in his youth; television such as imported US shows, kids cartoons, and even Channel 4’s NFL coverage. Much like Dave White’s recent subject matter, Ward is fascinated with Americana, but unlike White, Ward’s perspective is combined with the contrasting grey suburbs of London where he grew up. The theme throughout the collection is the concept of mesmerizing TV rays transforming unremarkable day-to-day situations into something desirable and glamorous. 

We asked Mark about the design of the shoes, and he explained; "The image on the inside of the shoe is based on static waves (a visual theme that runs throughout the show) - a pop of bright, bold colour to contrast with the grey exterior. The shoe design plays with the theme of the show, contrasting the banal, mundane outside with the world I wanted to be immersed in as a youth; American-based skate videos, Saturday morning cartoons and sitcoms."

Mark Ward: As Seen On TV’ opens at the Kemistry Gallery on 11 August and runs until the 18 August. The private view is on the 11th from 6-9pm, and is open to everyone

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