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From the Book: Jules David

Next up in our series of posts from the original Art & Sole book is this kaleidoscopic collection of sneaker-art by designer Julien Rademaker...

Amsterdam-based Jules David Design was founded in 2005 by Julien Rademaker. Inspired by his favourite sneakers, Rademaker created these prints to highlight their shapes, colours and textues. 'I think some of these shoes are a work of art,' says Rademaker, 'a unique piece of design perfectly shaped and beautifully composed. I wanted to play with that idea and change the composition into a new abstract form by using the parts of the shoe I liked the most.'

Nothing is added to the original shoes; elements of the existing designs are simply emphasised to turn them into beautiful abtract patterns.

To see more from the Art & Sole book, purchase a copy here

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