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KangaROOS & Ollanski

To celebrate their 35th anniversary, KangaROOS commissioned paper artist Ollanski (Oliver Bieräugel) to create 12 sneaker sculptures - one for each of the brand's signature models...

In order of appearence, Ollanski has recreated the KangaROOS Combat, Invader, Coil R-1, Blaze, Skywalker, Full Court, Ultimate, Rage, Dynafit, Woodhollow (collaboration with Patta), Future and Coil R-2. Our favourite creations are definitely the chewing gum Combat, the burger and fries Blaze and the Coil R-2 venus fly trap. Looking through the artist's website, we also found out that the volcano set up nearly caught fire when the incense used to create the smoke burnt down inside the paper shoe. Obviously, we're glad things turned out well in the end, as Ollanski's work shows impressive attention to detail and a genuine dedication to his craft.

The final images and all the paper models will be exhibited in selected sneaker boutiques in Germany throughout this year. Also shown below are some behind-the-scenes images which give an insight into Ollanski's process, as well as the set ups themselves.

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