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Kicks Japan

We were in our favourite bookshop Magma yesterday, and while we were there we spotted this new publication from Mark Batty Publisher. Entitled Kicks Japan, the book documents Japanese sneaker culture and features a slew of interesting artists, designers, musicians, store owners, skaters, DJs and collectors...

Written by Manami “Maki” Okazaki and Geoff Johnson, Kicks Japan looks at the Japanese sneaker industry and attempts to place it within the context of both international street culture and Japanese society: “At first, Japanese street culture simply mimed America fashions. But gradually, Japan began to incorporate elements of Japanese culture into urban fashion and culture.” The Japanese tend to take things to extremes, so it's no surprise that Japanese sneaker culture goes to a whole new level, especially in Tokyo.

Giving a behind-the-scenes look at all aspects of sneaker culture in Japan, the book features interviews with the likes of manufacturers MadFoot! and Onitsuka Tiger, artists including Jun Watanabe and Shin Tanaka, plus retailers such as Mita Sneakers, Undefeated Japan and Zozotown. The book is also filled with some great fashion and interior photography, including some amazing store interiors with typically bizarre concepts such as Bape's sneakers on a sushi conveyor belt and swimming pool filled with bananas...

Kicks Japan, by Manami “Maki” Okazaki and Geoff Johnson, is published by Mark Batty Publisher and is available now from all good book shops

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