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Lacoste & Bread Collective

From time to time on the Art & Sole website, we write a story about shoes rather than sneakers - and this just so happens to be one of those occassions. Owen Philips of London-based creative studio Bread Collective (Owen was also the man behind the very first 'A Few of My Favourite Sneakers' contribution)  has been in touch to let us know about a series of experimental films created by Bread for the 2014 Lacoste Essential Design (LED) footwear collection. As part of the project, Bread also got to design this premium shoe, limited to just 24 pairs...

The shoe of choice for the collaboration is the Walsham silhouette - a classic desert boot with sneaker-influenced rubber cupsole. As Bread explain: ‘We love it because it encapsulates a shoe that can fit into daily life – luxurious yet hard wearing’. The shoe uses a combination of tactile nubuck and tumbled leathers, with white french bindings, waxed laces and a special marble speckled sole to create a striking monochrome aesthetic. Bread's studio postcode has also been embossed on to the heel quarter, with the Bread logo featuring on the sock liner - a marked but subtle way of branding the shoe.

The collaboration originally came about when Lacoste commissioned Bread to create four short films inspired by the footwear categories from this season's LED collection. Also shown below, the resulting series of beautifully-produced films are all visualised using the circular LED logo and focus on the finer design details from the various LED footwear families.

To represent the Luxe sneaker range, Bread referenced the use of earthy tones and bright pop colours by setting light to a circle made up of over 10,000 inividual matches (which were pain-stakingly assembled by hand). For the Craft range of footwear, the second film draws inspiration from the use of contrasting materials by using a technique called anamorphosis to visualise a circle with reclaimed industrial wood. Film three focuses on the Weave range, and features an animated wall artwork which references the footwear's woven lines and perforations, plus the patterns featured on the outsoles (the resulting animation took four people over eighteen hours to paint). Lastly, the fourth film looks at the Hybrid sneaker range and utilises two mirrored visuals and two different projectors to create a dynamic animation sequence.

Limited to 24 pairs only, the Lacoste & Bread Collective shoe is a 'friends and family' release

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