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Le Coq Sportif & Liberty

Following on from our previous Le Coq Sportif post, we've also been wanting to mention their recent collaborations with Liberty Art Fabrics. With three collections already this year, we take a look here at the first (and our favourite) collaboration from the duo...

The Midnight Pack, which was released in January this year, comprises of five models; the Eclat, Flash and LCS R900 running silhouettes, plus the Lagache and Ferdinand 2 slip-ons. The pattern is apparently inspired and influenced by the symbolism found in the celestial vault in the hall at Scotland's Mount Stuart (a Gothic Revival country house). The pack is split into two different colourways (Black/Ruby Wine and Dress Blue) and the shoes themselves feature a combination of the bold pattern and plain coloured panels.

Selected Le Coq Sportif & Liberty Midnight models are still available to buy online via Le Coq Sportif here. You can also see the other collections (based on Paisley and Micro Flowers prints) to so far come out of the Le Coq Sportif and Liberty partnership here

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