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Matthew Nicholson & Nobrow

We finally made it down to the Pick Me Up exhibition in London last night (thanks Gavin), and while we were there we spotted these oversized cardboard Nike Dunks by paper artist Matthew Nicholson. The shoes were produced to help launch the new book from independent publishing house Nobrow, entitled A Few of my Favorite Things.

Nicholson is an MA student studying Illustration at Central Saint Martins, although his educational background is actually in photography. 'To be honest I don't necessarily fit either category,' says Nicholson, 'but to me that doesn't really matter as it's always been about making things.' Nicholson believes his work stems from his childhood where he was often given cellotape and paper as a present because he simply enjoyed the act of making things with his hands. 'Funnily enough as a kid one of my favorite things to make were paper shoes with my cousin, so it was nice to revisit those games again with Nobrow.'

Nobrow asked Nicholson to recreate and oversize some of their favorite things to be used as functional props for the Pick Me Up event - pieces which include a Mug seat, Sushi Tables and a typographic Nobrow bookcase. 'Another one of Nobrow's favorite things are sneakers,' explains Nicholson, 'so I chose one of my own personal favorites, the Nike Dunk. To tie everything together, the colour scheme is based on the four spot colours used in the book.'

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