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Mimi Leung: Sneaks & Freaks

The very talented Mimi Leung has recently been busy working on this weird and wonderful sneaker-based artwork entitled Sneaks and Freaks - the inspiration for which stems from the concept of 'wearing your insides on the outside'...

‘I’ve always loved high tops,' explains Leung, 'they’re a really nice shape and there are so many variations. I’d obsessively drawn a bunch of them a while back and have been day dreaming what kind of shoe I’d make if I had the chance - so I thought I’d draw them up and then at least I could actually look at them. The inspiration... I wanted to make shoes that look great and eye-catching from a distance, but then up-close you see that parts of the design are kind of gross or unexpected - like guts and brains. I like the idea of exposing internal systems, wearing your insides on the outside and disguising them to look lovely from a distance.’

To see more of Mimi's work, click here

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