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Mr. Plant

This month, we've stumbled across a very unusual sneaker art project by Mr. Plant (a.k.a Christophe Guinet) - a French artist and craftsman who creates stunning projects and sculptures inspired by nature...

Guinet developed a passion for plants as a teenager, attracted by their exacting needs and rewarded by the beauty and delicacy of their flowers. His tastes later evolved to encompass urban cultures such as skateboarding, street art and fashion - and now these two worlds have collided with some extremely interesting results.


Entitled Just Grow It, Mr. Plant has embellished several Nike high-tops to create a series of living sneaker sculptures. The level of detail that has gone into each piece is incredible and has produced one of the most unusual sneaker-inspired art projects we've seen at Art & Sole for some time. Interestingly, the project aims to create 'unlikely and poetic' bridges between consumer products (i.e. the sneakers) and extremely detailed plant compositions in the style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, an Italian painter best known for creating portraits entirely from objects such as fruit and vegetables.


We highly recommend checking out more of Mr. Plant's excellent work here


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