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Alex Nash & Sole DXB

As we mentioned in our previous post, Alex Nash was recently invited to take part in a live sneaker customisation session at the Sole DXB 'Sneaker Summit' in Dubai. The brief, to create a signature custom hybrid that represented not only the Middle East, but also Dubai and its ever-growing sneaker scene...

London-based Nash flew out to Dubai a week prior to the event to meet with Sole DXB and discuss the life and history of Dubai - including the core influences of its sneaker culture: luxury and performance. Sole DXB were keen for Nash to create one of his signature Visvim hybrids (to represent the luxury), together with a New Balance silhouette (to represent the performance), and Nash chose to compliment a Visvim FBT upper with the sole unit of a NB1500, naming the resulting shoe The Bedouin.

Finding inspiration in the local markets of Satwa, Nash then added a final element to represent the historic culture of the Middle East. The skirting of The Bedouin uses a local and traditional fabric called 'Majlis' - a word which fittingly (as over 4000 people were to descend on the Sole DXB event to witness the birth of this custom hybrid) means a place of gathering. A Majlis is traditionally made from a colourful wool-like fabric and is used for visitors coming to your home; something Bedouin’s would construct in their travels across the desert.

For the consruction of the shoe, Nash used a lime green cross stitch on the FBT to match the colour pop on the NB1500 sole unit. A section of the NB1500 upper is used on the inner-side of the shoe, with the FBT's simplicity displayed on the outer-side. A cowhide tongue also features a tonal embossing of the Sole DXB and Nash logos, and a shoelace lock and rustic beads add a modern touch to the traditional local styling. Finally, Nash also created a matching shoe bag, made from Majlis fabric and lined with a contrasting lime green satin.

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